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Eagle Lake Photo Album Page
Here you will find links to pictures from Eagle Lake. We would love to add your pictures to our collection, we can accept almost any file format of digital photographs, or if you have film copies, we will carefully scan them and lovingly return them to you. Please contact us if you have any photographs you would like to contribute.
  • ELPOI Web Cameras Select Page- Provides time lapse images from 4 location around Eagle Lake. Three of the cameras are located on the North shore, one looks South West towards the causeway, one South East towards Charles Island, one due South, a fourth is on the South shore by Ti Bay and looks North West.
  • Videos from Eagle Lake Page- Videos documenting milfoil and the removal process along with other videos relating to Eagle Lake.


2023-09-02 Labor Day Beach Gathering 2023-08-04 Stevens Boat Launch Press Release Photos 2023-07-08 Annual Meeting 2023-05-14 Spillway Dam Parking Area Vehicle Accident
2023-09-02 ELPOI labor day beach gathering facebook 375225592_707820861377945_4709044186893840931_n.jpg 2023-08-04 Nancy Stevens boat launch press meeting IMG_4665.jpg 2023_annual_meeting
2023-05 Spillway Board Install 2023-05 Boatlaunch and Beach Signage 2023 Causeway Replacement and Water Gauge 2023 CSLAP Water Sample Collection
2023 CSLAP Water testing sample collection page
2023 Boat Launch Closing Protest Signs Photos 2023 Miscellaneous
2023 Boat Launch Closing Protest Signs Spillway Board Removal Page



2022-11 Spillway Board Removal 2022-09 Boat Launch DEC Regrading 2022-01 Beaver Activity 2022 Donations to Service Organizations
Spillway Board Removal Page
2022 Miscellaneous



2021-07 High Water 2021 Water Testing 2021 Drone Photos 2021 Miscellaneous
2021 High Water IMG_0309.jpg Independent Water Testing Collection Pictures September 2021 Drone Flights 20210916-DJI_0519.jpg



2020-04-10 Dam Board Install 2020-08 Drone Photos 2020 Beaver Dam Issues
2020 Dam Board Install 2020 Drone Photos 20200822-DJI_0005.jpg
2020 Select Web Camera Images 2020-08-17 CSLAP Testing 2020 Miscellaneous
2020 Miscellaneous Photos



2019 Annual Meeting 2019 Water Level 2019 Boat Launch and Bus Turnaround Trash 2019 Truck Rollover
2019 Annual Meeting water_level boat launch trash 0809190929-00.jpg
2019 Broken Pole 2019 Beaver Dam 2019 Ice Storm 2019 Ice In
2019-08-18_Broken_Pole_Replacement.IMG_20190818_122008.jpg 2019 Beaver Dam 2019 ice storm Ice in
2019 Tonya Adopt a Highway Plaque 2019 Miscellaneous
Fish Stocking



APIPP Spiny Water Flea and Plant Survey Causeway Abutment Changes Stephen Lemieux Winter
Aerial Drone Images
spiny waterflea causeway abutment 2018 Miscellaneous



Stephen Lemieux Fall
Aerial Drone Images
2017 Annual Meeting 2017 Miscellaneous
2014 Annual Meeting 2017 Miscellaneous



2016 Annual Meeting 2016 Miscellaneous
Coming Soon



2015 Annual Meeting 2015 Miscellaneous
Coming Soon



Sechii Dip In 2014 Annual Meeting 2014 Miscellaneous
2014 Sechii Dip In 2014 Annual Meeting miscellaneous
Guard Rail Replacement Tonya Condon Ice Walk Photos
Coming when available



Fresh Lake Snow 2013 Miscellaneous
2013 Condon Lake Snow Pictures


New Google Satellite Imagery Tractor Trailer in Eagle Lake Loons on Eagle Lake

View Larger Map
2012 Annual Meeting Pictures 2012 Miscellaneous Pictures
2012 truck rollover-Runge


Hurricane Irene Aftermath Pictures Crown Point Bridge Repair Pictures Annual Meeting Photos Milfoil Mat Removal Photos
fraize bridge picture Annual Meeting Photos
Eagles at Eagle Lake 2011 Milfoil Targets 2011 Random Photos From Around the Lake 2011 Miscellaneous Pictures
Milfoil Targets Page


Eagle Lake Photo Contest Eagle Lake Forest Fire Rt. 74 Road Re-Paving
Photo 1 Miscallaneous 2009 Pictures
Keith Park Historical Photos Annual Meeting Photos Satellite View of Mats
2010 Miscellaneous Pictures



Annual Picnic July 15th Logging Truck Accident Time Capsule Discovery
2009 Time Capsule Page
February Fox Island Depth Profile 2009 Milfoil Targets 2009 Miscellaneous Pictures
Fox Island Transect Page Milfoil Targets Page Miscallaneous 2009 Pictures


July 10th Milfoil Removal Loons on Eagle Lake Milfoil Project Pictures
Tier III Plant Survey
(Allied Biological)
Mat Assembly Milfoil Project Pictures 2
Milfoil Project Photos 2
Miscellaneous Pictures
2008 Miscallaneous Pictures


Annual Picnic Eagle Lake Regatta Ben Hunter Culvert Repair
Barrel Removal Miscellaneous


Glen Sullivan Surveys the Lake Milfoil Supplies Vermont Invasive's Signs
Ariel Photos of Eagle Lake Miscellaneous


October Milfoil Dive December "Key
Players" Meeting


OH NO!!! It appears there are no photographs from 2004!
Please send any you may have to Michael Tiedemann for inclusion in our records.



Adopt A Natural Resource Miscellaneous


2002 Annual Meeting
2002 Annual Meeting MVC-015F.jpg


2001 ARC Meeting 2001 March Miscallaneous Army Corps of Engineers
July Visit
2001 ARC Meeting MVC-011F.jpg 2001 March Miscallaneous MVC-009F (1).jpg


"Poster Child" Pictures Miscellaneous


1999 Winter Lake Trip August Board Meeting Bo Burns (SEPRO)
Sonar Presentation


Eagle Lake Paper Truck Accident #1 Eagle Lake Paper Truck Accident #2


Vintage Aerial Iamges

Historical Pictures

Donnelly Cullinan Shultz Photos
Donnelly-Cullinan-Shultz- Historical Photos Donelly-Cullinan-Shultz-
Book 1 of Familiar Noises
Book 2 of Familiar Noises
Book 3 of Familiar Noises
Donelly-Cullinan-Shultz Historical Donnelly-Cullinan-Shultz book 1 of familiar noises oct 1941 Donnelly-Cullinan-Shultz book 2 of familiar noises oct 1942 Donnelly-Cullinan-Shultz book 3 of familiar noises oct 1943
Tiedemann Photos
Tiedemann Historic Photos Tiedemann Loose Photos Tiedemann Pink Book Photos Tiedemann Black Book Photos #1
Tiedemann Loose Photos Tiedemann Pink Book Photos Tiedemann Black Book #1
Tiedemann Black Book Photos #2
Tiedemann Black Book #2
Alden Photos Harris History Book Runge's Post Cards
Keith Park Historical Photos
Adirondack Experience
The Museum on Blue Mountain Lake
Photo Collection
Virginia Butterfield's 1942-1948 Pictures
(Birch Bay Lodge)
Todd and Tonya Condon Pictures Conklin
Adirondack Experience Collection Virginia Butterfields Photos condon Conklin Historical Photos
Kral Herb Moore
Lauren Lake History Scans Miscellaneous
Lauren Histrory Scans Page