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Herb Moore's Photo Page
Greenwood Camps was owned by Herb Moore - the camp on the left was still there until Lazarro or Dipofi purchased property from Perrine 20+ years ago. The Brennens in front of the Pontiac are the Perrine's GrandParents
  • ELPOI Web Cameras Select Page- Provides time lapse images from 4 location around Eagle Lake. Three of the cameras are located on the North shore, one looks South West towards the causeway, one South East towards Charles Island, one due South, a fourth is on the South shore by Ti Bay and looks North West.
  • Photo Albums Page- Links to pages of photographs from Eagle Lake. 1999 to the present, with limited historical photographs from the early 1900's.
  • Videos from Eagle Lake Page- Videos documenting milfoil and the removal process along with other videos relating to Eagle Lake.
Bass Rocks & Green Ledge - with info from back Ben Hunter Farmouse - Knob Mountian Moore's Store & Greenwood Camps Moore's Store with Pontiac