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Poster Child Images Photo Page
These are photos were taken at the request of COLAM to detail the severity of the problem the milfoil poses. These photos were all taken by Janie Stevens and catalog the problems posed by the milfoil patch in the center of the lake. These photos have been used as the "poster child" by other lake associations in their fight to show the effect of unchecked milfoil growth.

Please use photographs with permission from Rolf Tiedemann.

  • ELPOI Web Cameras Select Page- Provides time lapse images from 4 location around Eagle Lake. Three of the cameras are located on the North shore, one looks South West towards the causeway, one South East towards Charles Island, one due South, a fourth is on the South shore by Ti Bay and looks North West.
  • Photo Albums Page- Links to pages of photographs from Eagle Lake. 1999 to the present, with limited historical photographs from the early 1900's.
  • Videos from Eagle Lake Page- Videos documenting milfoil and the removal process along with other videos relating to Eagle Lake.
Milfoil on the Oars surface shot milfoil on an engine guide boat