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Milfoil Mat Removal Photos Page
Milfoil mat removal photos. With diver Amy Calkins in the water and Rolf and Dianne Tiedemann (with some additional help from Carlos Alden) on the float, the dirty, strenuous and hazardous job of removing 266 mats - with a total area of 54,000 square feet and a total weight of 13,000 pounds - was accomplished over several weeks at the end of summer. Mat removal was the necessary
final step in the process of attempting, to little effect, to eradicate milfoil from sections of Eagle Lake. Approximately 1 1/2
acres of the lake's more than eight acres of dense milfoil was addressed. There are many acres of light density milfoil
mixed with native vegetation that were not addressed. While the mats did indeed temporarily smother any milfoil directly
underneath them, native vegetation of every variety was also smothered - and the milfoil continued to spread.
Pictures taken by Stephen and Ada Phelps. For more of his pictures please visit him on picasa. Additional pictures taken by Carlos Alden.

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