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Marianne Kral Park Historical Photos Page
Some early pictures of the Great Camp on Eagle Lake.
Some of the history...
The Spaulding Family purchased the property at the beginning of the Gilded Age and built it section-by-section. At one time, the room we refer to as the "Great Room" was the entire structure. As our family did the renovations, we could see and date when each new section was built from the stud work and around window frames where period newspapers were used as insulation.
Due to the condition of the house and grounds in 1982 when it was purchased, some of the original features of the home were not salvageable. For example, the outside of the home was once all half pine logs which we had to replace because of water rot. However, on the enclosed porch, the interior walls still have the original pine log siding that once encompassed the whole home.
The boat house you see today is actually the second boat house built by the Spaulding's, The first one was destroyed during an early spring landslide off the mountain behind the home that pushed it onto the partially-still-frozen lake. Rather than remove the damaged one, the Spaulding family allowed it to sink to the bottom of the cove and built a new one in its place. When you snorkel in front of the current boat house, you can see some of the original boat house's remints including beams and stone work. One of the advantages of having the original boat house underwater is that it created an ideal habitat for many species of local fish; making the beach area a great fishing location.
Wherever possible, original features of the Spaulding's Great Adirondack Camp was kept during the renovations including the fireplaces, hard wood floors, French doors, built-in book shelves, Gazebo, Boat House, and so much more. For 8 years following the purchase of the home in 1982, the whole family worked together to complete all the renovations. It was a labor of love then, and continues to be some 38 years later; as we have continued to improve and maintain the beauty of this Adirondack Great Camp.

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