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2020 Dam Board Install Page
With lake level at approximately minus 4, thanks Jack and Deb.

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Good morning Lakers and Happy Easter. Thanks to Steve for his report on the lake level and thanks to Dave and Keith for the offer of assistance. Do to social distance requirements we decided against accepting their offer. As Debbie and I drove down Route 74 I noticed that the Schroon River and Paradox outlet were very high , leading me to wonder how low could Eagle lake be? As the included photos show the lake was very low. We installed 3 boards and cleaned out debris from the stream. Sometime this season we will have to go back and finish the clean up. The weather at the lake was sunny but very windy and cold. There were many white caps on the lake. Snow was visible in the shady parts of the woods. Feel free to pass along this information to our many Eagle lake friends. To everyone stay safe !!!

-Best regards Jack & Debbie-


Steve M. 2020-04-20
After installing the dam boards for the season beaver activity started
Steve M. Images 2020-04-26
Beaver Spillway Activity
Beaver Activity
Zach D. Images 2020-04-26


Jack M. Images
(To ELPOI Officers)
While reviewing emails I came across one from Cole to Rolf about the lake level. I made a special trip to the lake to check on it. That level was at 6. I went to the dam and found it stuffed with trees , rocks and mud. After two and a half hours of work I cleared the dam and removed one board. I may go to camp this weekend if I do I will check the dam again. Best regards. Jack 6-16-2020
(To ELPOI officers)
I received the updated permit from Corry yesterday and I will contact the trapper.
(To Trapper)
Enclosed is the beaver permit for the Eagle Lake dam. I went to the dam on Monday and found it clogged by the beaver. Please remove the beaver as soon as possible. Let me know when you start so I can warn the residents to be careful around the dam and not to disturb your traps.


2020-10-26 Beaver Activity
Good Morning Lakers!
Went to camp this weekend to put things away for the winter. On the way we stopped at the dam (see photos). The beavers have plugged it up again! I will go back in the next few weeks to clear the debris again.
We stopped the the boat launch and took a picture of the waste station for invasive species.
Jack Mulchahy


2020-11-1 Beaver Activity
Stopped to take pictures of ice on the dam, and found it was completely blocked by mud and sticks. Very sturdy, just a trickle of water getting through.
Tonya Condon


2020-11-4 Beaver Dam Images
The spillway at the dam has been cleared of beaver debris several times this fall since removing the boards, the beaver have been very busy at rebuilding, the text below is a comment from one of the many volunteers working to keep the spillway open so that lake level can be drawn down before ice sets up. Prior to the start of their visit/comment the dam had been cleared 1 day prior. Everything shown in the image was built over night. Rolf Tiedemann

"Well lots of beaver activity overnight- boy they are busy beavers I spent almost 2 hours down there clearing the spillway and below as well as setting a game camera I noticed there is a fresh beaver lodge not even 50 yds upstream after setting the game camera I went to the lodge too much work to break it up by myself (don't worry there were plenty of snakes around there for everyone) I jumped up and down on the lodge until a beaver came out he didn't seem too happy with me had I had the nuisance permit with me I could have dispatched him there."

The ELPOI is working with DEC and a local trapper to see if the beavers can be relocated.