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A Word From Our Sponsors
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Funding Sources
This page is a list of all of the funding sources that have been used on the Eagle Lake milfoil removal project.

  • Financial Records Page- Here are the financial records broken down by year and by who the acting treasurer was at that point in time. Expenditures, reciepts and treasures reports.
State Funding Sources
2007 Senate Initiative Acceptance Letter- $10,000 through Senator Little

2007 Senate Initiative Application Letter- $10,000 through Senator Little

2007 Invasive Species Eradication Grant Acceptance Letter- November 2008

2007-11-23 DEC Eradications- Press release for $1.4 earmarked to battle milfoil...

Invasive Species Eradication Grant 2007 Page- Files related to the completion of the 2007 NYS DEC Invasive Species Eradication Grant ($55,000 match).

2006 Invasive Species Eradication Grant Denial Letter

Invasive Species Eradication Grant 2006 Page- $60,000 match to $30,000 in NYS funds (Request Denied).

2000 Senate Initiative Acceptance Letter: $25,000 through Senator Stafford

Waterfront Revitalization Act Army Corps of Engineers lake assessment (when available)


NYS Invasives Species Eradication Final Report and Expenditures Reports

Final Report NYS DEC Invasives Species Eradication Grant- State assistance contract #C303601 Eagle Lake eurasian water milfoil project; Town of Crown Point, 1/11/2011

$110,000 Invasive species grant detail spread sheet- This file breaks down all expenditures charged against the 2007-2010 NYS invasive species grant 1-29-2001.

Quarterly Reports (DEC) Page- Quarterly update reports for the Aquatic Invasive Species Eradication Grant.

For a look at our current account balance from this project please click here.

Sylvamo Grant Applications
After many years of operation as International Paper in Ticonderoga, the mill has changed its name to better reflect the products it makes. We are looking forward to continuing our pervious relationship with the mill under it new management and classection. We thank International Paper for all of their previous support for the ELPOI.
2023-05-10 IRS form W-9 organization identify supporting documentation for donation request. (This file contains personal information, please contact us for access.)
2022-11-23 Sylvamo Letter- for donation request
2022-11-23 ELPOI 2021-2 financial report- supporting documentation for donation request. (This file contains personal information, please contact us for access.)
International Paper Foundation Grant Applications
International Paper Company (Ticonderoga NY) has for several years supported the Eagle Lake community through its foundation grants. These grants have been used for communications, web site hosting, document printing, water testing, and costs associated with specific lake management/assessment equipment. The Eagle Lake community is grateful to International Paper for their continued support and grants.
2020-11-11 Email letter to ELPOI officers- with reply for notification of grant recipient
2020-11-11 Cover Letter- indicating formal notice of grant being awarded
2020-11-11 Check Image- for 2020/2021 grant
2020-11-11 Confirmation- of grant check receipt letter unsigned
2020-10-8 request # 63615057- has been approved initial letter
2020-02-13 International Paper Grant Substantiation
ELPOI Reply-
Letter responding to the request for substantiation.
2020-01-31 International Paper Grant Substantiation- letter requesting confirmation of recieving the grant from International Paper
IP Communications classector Donna Wadsworth (right) Mr Hooker (left) present the IP Foundation Grant check to ELPOI Vice President Steve Meier (center)
2019 IP Check
2019-10-26 Email from International Paper- acknowledging that the ELPOI grant application was funded.
Sample IP Grant Press Release- for details of grant use, see the application.
Thank You Letter- to International Paper.
Check Acceptance- by ELPOI president Sue Barwig and ELPOI board. Donna Wadsworth, International Paper Communications classector was the presenter.
No application submitted
$726 grant received
Grant Acceptance Program- Sponsored by International Paper
$474 grant received