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2007 Grant Page
This is the collection of files turned in as part of the 2007 NYS Invasive Species Eradication grant, as submitted to NYS for consideration. We were later awarded this grant which over a 3 year period provides a $55,000 1 to 1 match on funds used to remove milfoil from Eagle Lake.

(20mb 144-page pdf file)


-Main Cover Letter

-signed cover letters: 
-Bob D, Dale F, Rolf T

-Table of Contents

-Eradication Grant 06-07 application
 -ISEG final
 -Bob D signature
 -Dale F signature

-Army Corps Report 2001

Attachment A
-Project Narrative
-Notes supporting goals and objectives
-2003 GPS Milfoil Survey
-1998 RPI Survey (DFWI Survey)
-Milfoil  History 1970s-2006
-Milfoil  History 2005-2007
-2007-06-01 Budget Breakdown
-Stafford Aid to Localities Grant
-2007 Checking Account Balance Statement
-ELPOI Balance Sheet
-APA Non-Jurisdictional Letter to Crown Point
-DEC  Non-Jurisdictional Letter to Ticonderoga
-OGS Determination of Property Ownership Letter

-Attachment B
-Project Expenditure Summary
-Hand Harvesting Matting Expenditure
-Herbicide Treatment Expenditure
-Dive Service Expenditures

-Attachment C
-Project Schedule

-Attachment D
-Crown Point Resolution of Support
-Ticonderoga Resolution of Support
-ELPOI Resolution of Support

-Attachment E
-Maps and Photograph

-PHOTOS (these are PDF format and take a while to open)
-GPS Survey Image of Eagle Lake with Marked Beds
-Largest Bed with Guide Boat
-East End of Lake with Largest Patch
-West End of Lake with Work Site
-Underwater close up of milfoil

-Attachment F

-Invasive Species Management Plan

-Attachment G
-Ownership Documentation and Permission
-Management Plan Supporting Materials
-Eagle Lake Web site screen capture image
-Guide to Identifying Milfoil Underwater
-Aquatic Plants in Eagle Lake Guide
ELPOI Spring 2007 Newsletter

Milfoil Movie