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Eagle Lake Community News and Invasives Page
Various newspaper articles and publications that relate to news about the Eagle Lake community. Also includes articles that have focused on the plight of local lake associations and residents as they battle against invasive species and other lake issues. Most of the articles come from local area news publications in the Adirondack region.
  • Waterworks Magazine- The NYSFOLA organization publishes this magazine 2- 3 times per year. Themagazine highlights issues facing and affecting lake in NYS. Past issues can be found here. However, starting in fall of 2022, when an issue has articles that are specific to EL they are shared here with references to the pages that are of most relevance to our/ your needs.
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2023-05-12 Park Agency Approves Lake Luzerne's Plan to Kill Lake Weeds with Herbicide- Agency puts aside concerns of unknown consequences of dropping chemical in Adirondack lakes amid widespread interest. Adirondack Explorer.

2023-05-10 Editorial: APA gets off trail- Proposals to limit public input lead the Adirondack Park Agency away from open, accountable governance. Times Union.

2023 The Adirondacks are Burning: A Brief History of Forest Fires- The Adirondack Eperience, The Museum on Blue Mountain Lake.

2023-04-07 Lake communities line up for herbicide approval from APA - Adirondack Explorer.

2023-03-22 2024 Eagle Lake boat launch change facing questions in New York- Regarding the closure of the Eagle Lake boat launch. Outdoor News.
2023 Eagle Lake boat launch change facing questions in New York- With Permission, Outdoor News article Don Lehman 2023-3-28.

2023-02-13 DEC to close Eagle Lake boat trailer access in 2024- Regarding the closure of the Eagle Lake boat launch. Adirondack Explorer.

2023-01-10 Water District News- Screenshot of federal funding news shared through email.


2022-12-16 PRIDE offers guidance to residents needing to drill wells- Future Gooseneck Pond closure leaves many overwhelmed. Sun Community News.

2022-12-15 De-icing tips from Warren County- Post Star.

2022-10-14 Two men honored for firefighting service- Jim Davis and Fred Hunsdon Sr. recognized for 50 years of servic. Sun Community News.

2022-10 NYSFOLA Waterworks Magazine- Changes to CSLAP with new 5 year contract with DEC pages 1 and 4.

2022-10 NYSFOLA Waterworks Magazine- APA Approves New Guidelines for Controlling Invasive Species page 6

2022-10 NYSFOLA Waterworks Magazine- October 2022 Ask Dr. Lake, Article on Meet Cladopora- Green algae pages 7 and 8.

2022-04-21 Battle over use of herbicide vs. milfoil on Lake George- Glens Falls Chronicle.

2022-03-22 Lots of questions, no good answers for Chilson water customers- Sun Community News.

2022-03-16 Group pitches new plan for Chilson/Eagle Lake water- Sun Community News.


2021-12-17 147 New York dams are 'unsound' and potentially dangerous- Thousands of dams have not been inspected in more than 20 years. Times Union. (This map shows that the Eagle Lake dam was built in 1865).

2021-07-09 Ti Board Hearing on Chilson Water System Continues- Sun Community News.


2019-05-21 Boat launch survives- State says popular Eagle Lake ramp will remain open for now. Sun Community Times.

2019-05-23 Borrowed time- No decision on Eagle Bay boat launch for at least two years. Sun Community Times.

Who Owns the Land Under the Water
Looking at Lake Bottom Ownership in Saranac Lake.

2019-4-29 Tri-Lakes Takes- Who owns the lake bottom and why it matters NCPR News

2019-4-23 Both sides hold firm in marina dispute- News, Sports, Jobs - Adirondack Daily Enterprise

2019-4 follow-up Lower Saranac marina update- Litigation continues, upgrades on hold _ News, Sports, Jobs - Adirondack Daily Enterprise

2017-11-10 Deed throws a wrench into Crescent Bay plan- News, Sports, Jobs - Adirondack Daily Enterprise

Hammond Pond plan includes interstate trail- Adirondack Explorer 2019-3-15

Eagle Lake boat launch closure not a minor issue- Sun Community News & Printing 2019-3-15

Adirondack Park Agency talks carry capacity- Adirondack Daily Enterprise 2019-3-5.

Raising red flag over Lyme- Eagle Lake resident warns public to take disease seriously The Sun Community News and Printing 2019-3-1.

DEC should not close Eagle Lake boat launch- The Sun Community News and Printing 2019-2-20.

Trails get cleared- APA approves Frontier Town hiking and horse paths. The Sun Community News and Printing 2019-2-20.

Residents concerned about boat ramp- Eagle Lake launch to be modified under Hammond Pond plan. By Time Rowland Sun Times 1-10-2019.

DEC has public meeting today on Hammond Pond Wild Forest- Adirondack Daily Enterprise 2018-11-13

Views sought on Adirondack tract- Times Union 2018-11-10.


DEC modifies trailered boat launch on Garnet Lake- Sun Times 9-7-2018.
*Note-this maybe what DEC is planning on building at EL to limit access- not real formidable but really limits you to having to/ being able to drag your boat to the water- reading the article it does not look like this lake association had many concerns for the limiting of access- good possibility of significantly different needs or uses for the waters. not the case with EL also see date of article
*Note #2 reason cited in the article for installing- "reducing the trailer-ed access will significantly decrease the threat of spread (invasives) to this small lake) it's not the trailers that spread the invasives its ALL water crafts large or small powered or paddled and any other water use items, fishing gear, waders, kids toys etc. etc. so how is the DEC dealing with these?

2018-04-03 Robert Croll Stevens- Obituary at Legacy.com


2017-11-10 Deed throws a wrench into Crescent Bay plan- News, Sports, Jobs - Adirondack Daily Enterprise


4-7-2016 Ti District Voters Approve Solar Farm Plan- Program can save school $50K annually on electricity bills


DEC Launches Collaborative Effort to Combat Aquatic Invasive Species in Adirondacks- Boat stewards will alert boaters to possible threats and decontaminate boats coming from high risk lakes and rivers. NYS 5-22-2015.

Patricia Ann Chamberlain- Obituary Press Republican 3-21-2015.

Governor Cuomo Announces Agreement to Prevent Spread of Aquatic Invasive Species in the Adirondacks- 53 conservation groups, owners associations, local and state governments sign agreement to preserve clean water, increase recreation opportunities and promote tourism. NYS 3-10-2015.



Lake Trout and Climate Change in the Adirondacks- Status and long-term viability The Nature Conservancy 2014.

10-20-2014 APIPP- The Actual and Potential Economic Impact of Invasive Species on the Adirondack Park

A new report The Actual and Potential Economic Impact of Invasive Species on the Adirondack Park: A Preliminary Assessment- explores the economic impacts of invasive species on specific sectors of the Adirondack Park's economy. APIPP 10-20-2014

Spiny Water Flea Confirmed in Lake Champlain- Spiny water flea (Bythotrephes longimanus) 50th known nonnative and invasive species in Lake Champlain. Lake Champlain Basin Program 8-28-2014.

DEC announces fourth annual emerald ash borer aqareness week- Residents Urged to Become Aware of Emerald Ash Borer and Report Infestations to DEC 5-16-2014

Boat inspections and decontamination are integral to protecting Adirondack waters from aquatic invasive species- A new report examines the issue and recommends actions. APIPP 5-14-2014

Governor Cuomo Announces Approval Of Funding For Adirondack Meat Co. Expansion- New meat processing plant being built in Ticonderoga NY. perishablenews.com 4-24-2014

Lake George Requirements for Boat Washing- learn more about the Lake George boat inspection program. 4-11-2014

Store plans to open in former Lowe's in Ticonderoga- Article shared by Chris Hyde with lake residents. Denton Publishing 3-20-2014

Ticonderoga board decides on water project- Gooseneck, Lake George to remain primary water sources. 3-6-2014 Times of Ti


APA Seeks Comments on Use of Aquatic Herbicides- 11-29-2013 The Adirondack Almanack.

2013 APA Renovate Public Comments- Supporting Notes Page-Here you will find the Eagle Lake Milfoil Teams comments and supporting documents as they relate to the Adirondack Park Agencies (APA) RASS-1 Call for public comment on the Guidelines for the appropriate Use of the Aquatic Herbicides Renovate and Renovate OTF to Manage Eurasian Water-Milfoil, and Aquatic Invasive Plant.

Roots Spring/Summer 2013-Volume 10; Invasive Plant News for the Adirondack Park, Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program (APIPP).

Fly-Fishing- Rock snot theory changes. The Daily Gazette 6-27-2013.

APA Committee Oks Herbicide use in Lake-Loon Lake receives ok for renovate treatment. 3-17-2013 Adirondack Daily Enterprise.

Column: They'd Rather Fight Than Talk- Commentary on the efforts of environmental groups to stop projects in the Adirondacks instead of trying to find common ground.

Letter to the Editor- Renovate use on Loon Lake. 3-13-2013 Post Star.

Environmental Group Opposing Herbicide Use in Loon Lake- The Adirondack Council's request to have the Town of Chester's permit to an adjudicatory hearing. 3-13-2013 Post Star.

Killing Nature to Save It- The Adirondack Council's opposition to the town of Chester's plan to use a chemical herbicide to fight Eurasian milfoil in Loon Lake. 3-13-2013 Post Star.

Group Questions Herbicide Plan for Adirondack Lake- Report on the Adirondack Concil request for a hearing on the Town of Chester's request to use tricolpyr on Loon Lake. 3-13-2013 Post Star.

Letter to the Editor- Renovate use on Loon Lake. 3-12-2013 Post Star.


Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program- 2012 Annual Report

2012 APIPP Fall Meeting Notes- Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program, November 8, 2012

No. 2 of 2012: Fight expands against invasive species- The battle against invasive species created bedfellows in 2012 between traditional foes, local governments and environmentalists, and for a time, pitted New York against Vermont. 12-29-2012 Post Star.

Editorial: Time to Step Up Milfoil Fight- On milfoil and Asian clam treatments in the Adirondacks using herbicides. 12-20-2012 Post Star.

Chester wants to kill milfoil with chemical- The Town Board Tuesday night voted, to seek Adirondack Park Agency and state Department of Environmental Conservation permits to apply Renovate OTF in a 14-acre section of southern Loon Lake, an area overrun with dense beds of the invasive plant. Post Star 12-12-2012.

Lake Minnetonka Conservation District to introduce new milfoil plan- Discussion of the draft comprehensive Eurasian water milfoil and curly-leaf pondweed plan. 12-3-2012 Lakeshore Weekly News.

State backs away from mandatory boat-washing plan for Lake George- The mandatory boat inspection and washing program proposed by the Lake George Park Commission is in jeopardy after state Department of Environmental Conservation officials questioned how effective it would be. 11-27-2012

Pressurized Car Wash Facilities Now Available to Boaters- Boat owners who want to pressure wash their vessels before entering or leaving area waters now have a new option available. 7-25-2012 Press Republican.

Aquatic herbicides cause tension in Greely- 5-3-2012 yourottawaregion.com

Lake Attitash in Amesbury & Merrimac to be treated for weeds- 4-13-2012 Amesbury News

Controlling Invasive Species is Vital- article 3-21-2012 Times of Ti.

Fort Wayne Forester Tells of Damage- 2-9-2012 figures on Fort Wayne expenses inccured due to the Emerald Ash Borer, both treatment and dead tree removal are discussed.

Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program- 2011 Annual Report

Protecting Hamilton County from Spiny Water Flea- 8-10-2011 Adirondack Almanack article about the invasive, it's impact on fishing, and steps you can do to stop it's spread.

Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program- Fall/Winter 2011 newsletter and update on invasives.

Adirondack Almanack- Protecting Hamilton County from the Spiny Water Flea 9-20-2011

Lycott Update Spring 2011- Lake Fairlee, the next chapter in a continuing effort at lake management.

Milfoil in Lake Fairlee- Milfoil at "tipping point" in Lake Fairlee.

Letter to the Editor- Re: Fight against Eagle Lake milfoil gains support. Press Republican 3-3-2011

Eagle Lake project continues- Times of Ti 2-17-2011

Fight against Eagle Lake milfoil gains support- Press Republican article 2-15-2011.

Winter 2011 Potamogetetons- Allied Biological newsletter (7mb file).


Lake Bonaparte Wevils- EviroScience report on milfoil wevil use in Lake Bonaparte Ny.

Bugs Fight Bugs- Hope to protect hemlocks from the Hemlock Wooly Adelgid USDA forest service 12-17-2010.

Invasive Species? It won't happen to me- Times of Ti Joe Hackett opinion for taking responsibility for cleaning ones own personal fishing gear (10-2010).

Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program (APIPP)- 2010 Annual Report for aquatic and terrestial work indicates that 80 lakes in the park have been identified with milfoil. This is 6 more than were know in 2009 and 53 more than in 2001 when formal surveys were started.

Fall/Winter 2010 Roots- See page 2 for an article about the invasive European Oak borer.

Towns asked to fight milfoil- Times of Ti article about Eagle Lake presentation to the town board 10-2-2010.

Ecological Economics- The effect of an aquatic invasive species (Eurasian watermilfoil) on lakefront property values. Zhang and Boyle 8-2010.

Speed up chemical attacks on invasive plants- Post-Star editorial 8-27-2010.

Chemical Weeding Out Milfoil- Triclopyr successful in killing abundant Lake Luzerne plant. Post-Star 8-24-2010.

Early comments 2010-7 about the success of the Lake Luzerne renovate treatment.

2010-06-19 Mildrid Knauss- Obituary at Legacy.com

What are your thoughts on using chemicals to kill milfoil in Adirondack lakes?- Sound Off (express your opinion) Post-Star 5-19-2010.

Lake Luzerne first to be treated- Post Star article about lake treatment with renovate 5-17-2010.

Potamogetons Back Issues- Allied Biological Publications

New York State Conservationist NYS DEC Online magazine current issue

APA approves use of herbicide to control milfoil- Times of Ti 2-25-2010

Milfoil treatment concerns environmentalists- Saratogagian News article about Lake Luzerne's Renovate use permit. 2-20-2010

Herbicide approved for lake- Adirondack Daily Enterprise 2-12-2010

APA: Milfoil chemical OK in Lake Luzerne- Post Star article about Lake Luzerne's Renovate permit approval. 2-11-2010

APA has plenty of work to do- Post Star article about Lake Luzerne's permit for Renovate use. 2-10-2010

APA May allow milfoil herbicide- Post Star article about Lake Luzerne's permit for Renovate use. 2-10-2010
Post Star Discussion : APA may allow milfoil herbicide- article comments and personal opinions 2-21-2010

NY agency considers herbicide for Adirondack lake- Post Star article about Lake Luzerne's permit for Renovate use. 2-9-2010

New Bridge Design Selected- Replacement Lake Champlain bridge design in Crown Point chosen 1-14-2010

APA Reviews Public Comments on Boathouses- Post Star 1-14-2010


Cazenovia Leaders Begin Permit Process for Next Phase of Milfoil Treatment- The Post Standard 12-15-2009

Invasive Carp Threatens Great Lakes- Mississippi River fish kill to protect the great lakes from grass carp, some of which were originally introduced as biological controls for aquatic weeds. USA Today 12-1-2009

Report warns of new species in Lake George- Brittle Naiad and European Fingernail clams have been found in Lake George 12-2009.

Law Would Target Boats that Spread Invasive Plants- Proposed fines for the spread of invasives in NY 12-2009

Battling the invaders- Adirondack Explorer interview with Hilary Smith director of the Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program 11-2009

Alien bugs at our door- Adirondack Explorer Asian long horned beetle and emerald ash borer are poised to decimate Adirondack forests 11-2009

Menace of the Deep- Invasive species is hunted by divers in Lake George water, Post Star 10-7-2009

Potamogetons Fall 2009- Cazenovia Lake milfoil restoration project

Roots Fall 2009- Invasive Plant News for the Adirondack Park, Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program (APIPP)

Moose still on the loose!: Times of Ti 9-12-2009

Weed infests Hadlock- Post Star 9-1-2009

Bad Bugs- Gypsy Moth, Asian Long horned Beetle, Hemlock Woolly Adelig 9-2009

Schumer says he'll seek more money to fight invasives- Adirondack Daily Enterprise 8-29-2009

Quest for Current- Can burning invasive species turn on your lights? Green Mountain 7-12-2009

New Navigation Law will target boaters, hunters and cold water paddlers- Times of Ti 7-25-2009

Milfoil removal project gets under way- Lake Placid News 7-16-2009

APA has new executive director- Press Republican article 7-11-2009

New APA Director Receives High Marks- Post Star 6-17-2009

Borers of Landscape Trees- 6- 2009

Roots Spring/Summer 2009- Invasive Plant News for the Adirondack Park, Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program (APIPP)

New York State Conservationist New York's battle to stop the spread of invasive species (fishing issues, and others) 04-2009

Assessing the Potential for Bio-Control of Eurasian Watermilfoil in New York State Lakes (FL-LOWPA) 02-2009

The man in charge article about Curt Stilles Adirondack Park Agency Chairman Jan. 2009 Adirondack Explorer

Let's hear it for Quiet Waters! Effort to add lakes to motor boat free status in the St. Regis Canoe Area Jan. 2009 Adirondack Explorer

APA flexes its muscles the new Adirondack Park Agency Chairman Jan. 2009 Adirondack Explorer


Scientists Say They've Found Bacteria That Will Fight Zebra Mussels- Chicago Tribune article 11-29-2008

Herbicide Working Well on Milfoil- herbicide use in Saratoga Lake, Daily Gazette August 7, 2008

Lake George Association Communications Director named to state invasive species advisory committee Times of Ti 8-1-2008

Herbicide Working Well on Milfoil- Daily Gazette 8-2008

Flying the flag against milfoil- Lake Luzerne using plastic mats to battle invasive milfoil; Post Star 7-12-2008

Gold Standard in Milfoil Removal Ossipee Lake (Suction Harvesting) July 2008

Ask Dr. Lake some of the health aspects of lake management 3-2008

Roots Spring/Summer 2008- Invasive Plant News for the Adirondack Park, Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program (APIPP)

Adirondack Reporter- 3rd party reporting for Adirondack Park Agency meetings April of 2008

2008-02-15 Jane Knauss Stevens- Obituary from the Rochester Democrat and Chronical


2007-11-23 DEC Eradications- Press release for $1.4 earmarked to battle milfoil...

New Hampshire Public Radio State tests new tool to fight invasive species (Suction Harvesting) Oct. 2007

Invasive Species Council Formation- Press release following the recommendations of the Invasive Species Task Force 9-12-2007

Milfoil Munching Weevils Prove Their Worth at Fairfield Pond- Daily Gazette 9-6-2007

Lake Luzerne residents battle invasive marine plant- Lake Luzerne efforts in benthic barriers 8-27-2007

Eagle Lake is small, but love for it is large- Post Star article 7-4-2007

Battling a Nasty Green Invader From the Deep- Milfoil in Schroon Lake, New York Times June 2007

Good weeds gone bad- New York Times 6-15-2007

Seeing Is Believing- Use of SONAR and Renovate in VT page 3 (Lycott Environmental 2007)

Stop Aquatic Invaders- "Clean Boats Clean Waters" Initiative page 1 of the 2007 Lake George Newsletter


Roots Fall/Winter 2006- Invasive Plant News for the Adirondack Park, Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program (APIPP)

Lake groups seek to fight milfoil with chemicals- Lilly Pond and Lake St. Catherine in VT. VPIRG May 2006

Commission Expands Milfoil Work- Lake George Park Commission article Spring 2006

Potamogetons Spring 2006- Management Plans, Curtaining off a Sonar Application, and Herbicide performance in various weather, Allied Biological Publication

Saratoga Lake to Use Herbicide- Saratoga Lake plans to utilize SONAR 03-2006


Roots Spring/Summer 2005- Invasive Plant News for the Adirondack Park, Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program (APIPP)

Roots Fall/Winter 2005- Invasive Plant News for the Adirondack Park, Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program (APIPP)

Potamogetons Spring 2005- NYSDEC to overhaul aquatic pesticide permit process

Milfoil Meets its' Match Upper Saranac Lake milfoil Project Nov-Dec 2004
Sonar Use Debate in Lake George- Times of Ticonderoga March 2002

Action needed to Protect Michigan Lakes-Herbicide use information to protect Michigan Lakes 2001 MILPC Newsletter

Lake George Weed-killing Program Defended- Defense of proposed SONAR treatment on Lake George Times Union April 2001

Press Republican: 03/21/2000 Lincoln Pond article on moths
Associated Press:10/13/1998 "Lake George is a poor home for zebra mussels, study finds"

Times of Ti: 05/1996 "'Distressed' town to apply for grant"

Times of Ti: 02/1996 "Eagle Lake selected for milfoil demonstration project"

Region awaits weapon in war against weed: DEC decision on use of Sonar expected soon, Post Star 9-7-1992

Maker of milfoil herbicide asks for DEC hearing SONAR manufacturer asks for hearing as to why they've been denied registration in NY, Dec. 1990


Eagle Lake Revisited- Tidonderoga Sentinal newspaper clippings from ~1920-1930 that pertain to Eagle Lake.

"Down to the Sea" in a Bucket- wandering on lake bottom is world's most unique hobby. Sunday News 1934.