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Herbicide Information Page
Aquatic herbicides are an integral part in a "Full Tool Box" (all available methods) approach to the management of aquatic nuisance species. This method of control allows a selective targeting of species that is unavailable with other methods of control. These herbicides are available in a variety of contact times, and application forms.
Pellets and flakes allow for a slower release of the herbicide into the water column to offer an extended contact period with the plant; and are recommended for use in areas with large amounts of water change. Liquid forms allow for faster dilution into the water column and faster interaction with plants.
Any herbicide use requires pre and post application monitoring/review with appropriate DEC and APA permits. Herbicides along with other control methods should be used in concert to get the best from each method.
Renovate comes with limited restrictions on water use in the treatment area. Renovate’s shorter contact time and rapid kill can cause under certain conditions oxygen depletion due to decomposition of dead plants.
Listed below is information related to two of the herbicides (Renovate and Sonar) that are NYS registered for the control of milfoil. The focus on these two was driven by the professional guidance of a registered lake management firm and discussion with DEC and APA staff. Renovate being fast acting and very selective (more recent favorite in selection choice) SONAR being slower acting (longer contact time) and less selective (earlier in discussion choice).

SePro's Web Site-
The manufacturer of Renovate and Sonar

General Product Information for Renovate and Sonar
Renovate (active ingredient Triclopyr)
Triclopyr Pesticide Fact Sheet SEPRO press release 2006 renovate OTF introduced
Triclopyr Frequently Asked Questions (Washington State Department of Health) Renovate On Target Flake (OTF) General Use Label
Triclopyr Army Corps Engineers- Fact Sheets located at the bottom of the page Renovate 3 NYS Supplemental Use Label (Aug 2007)
Renovate 3 General Use Label Renovate OTF NYS Supplemental Use Label (July 2007)
Efficacy of Triclopyr on Eurasian Watermilfoil- Concentration and exposure time effects; Netherland and Getsinger, 1992.
Sonar (active ingredient Flouridone)
Sonar Slow Release Pellet (SRP)General Use Label Sonar Aqueous Solution (AS) General Use Label
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
Renovate 3 (MSDS) Sonar AS (MSDS) 10/20/2001
Renovate OTF (MSDS) updated January 2009 Sonar SRP (MSDS) 04/01/2008
Renovate OTF (MSDS) 11/16/2008  
EPA Triclopyr Re registration (Full Report)  
EPA Triclopyr Re registration (Fact Sheet)  
Toxicology Reports (Renovate Only none researched for Sonar)
Pesticide Awareness Network (PAN) National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC)
(PAN) Chemicals of Special Concern (NPIC) General Fact Sheet
(PAN) Acute Toxicity Explanation (NPIC) Technical Fact Sheet 
(PAN) Product Info for Renovate Herbicide  
(PAN) Triclopyr, Triethylamine Salt (Molecular Properties)  
(PAN) Triclopyr's impact on Fish  
(PAN) Triclopyr's impact on Aquatic Plants  
(PAN) Triclopyr's impact on Aquatic Organisms  
Restoration and Management of Lakes and Resivoirs, 3rd Edition

A Review of the Toxicity and Environmental Fate of Triclopyr- Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources, November 2004.

Adirondack Council General and toxicology (Information provided in requested reply to them)
The Nature Conservancy April 2001 Weed Control Method Handbook- A guide to terrestrial and aquatic triclopyr use and methods of control operation, environmental break down and toxicity.
Acute Toxicology of Triclopr to the Gastropoda Snails European Ambersnail, Succinea putris and Tadpole Physa, Physella gyrina (November 2009).
Triclopyr Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment- Initial introduction, program description, and literature research. By Patrick R. Durkin, Syracuse Environmental Research Associates Inc.
Supplemental Environmental Impact Studies (SEIS)
(Studies to allow determination of use and permit requirements)
New York State (SEIS) March 2007, prepared by ENSR
New York State (SEIS) Appendices (17mb)
New York State (SEIS) Comments
Washington State Environmental Impact Statement (EIS): for use of Renovate /2004
Army Corps of Engineers (Fact Sheets)
A Review of The Aquatic Environmental Fate of Triclopyr (Abstract) Aquatic Dissipation Triclopyr in Lake Minnetonka (Full Report 5mb)
Small-plot low dose treatment with triclopyr Dissipation of Triclopyr Concurrently with Rhodamine Dye abstract (Herbicide applied in Lake Minnetonka)
Aquatic Dissipation Fact Sheet (Triclopyr in Lake Minnetonka MN.) Field Evaluation of the Herbicide Triclopyr for Managing Eurasian Watermilfoil- Pend Oreille River in Washington State. The herbicide application was done concurrently with a Rhodamine Dye application.

ProcellaCOR EC
(Initial research on new herbicide)
youtube video about procellacor