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Supervisors Meeting Page
In April 2009 project coordinator Rolf Tiedemann at the request of C. Mosses- Chairperson, D. French- Town of Crown Point Supervisor, and R. Dedrick- Town of Ticonderoga Supervisor met with the Essex County Board to seek their support through resolution to support the efforts to utilize the herbicide renovate as part of a "Full Tool Box" (all available methods) spot treatment for the control of milfoil. This support resolution was sought to build consensus as part of bringing interested parties together for Eagle Lake's herbicide permitting process.

This page has the final resolution, a compiled meeting agenda and handouts file, along with each section of the compiled document broken out as separate files.

4-20-2009 Essex County Board of Supervisors Minutes- Presentation given by Eagle Lake on the status of the milfoil project and asking for a resolution of support for Eagle Lake.

Essex County Board of Supervisors Resolution #137 May 4, 2009- Be it resolved that the Essex County Board of Supervisors fully support Eagle Lake's milfoil eradication project and the use of the chemical triclopyr brand name renovate.

Compiled Meeting Notes (~1mb)- A compiled version of the meeting agenda and notes as expanded below


Expanded Meeting Handout Notes

Meeting Agenda

2008- November Overlay Map: for 2008-9-4 Tier III plant survey and 2003-Summer GPS survey of milfoil distribution and patch size. A look at comparing survey sites/distribution of patch size.

2009-3-24 Other options for herbicide use- Plan 1 through 3 options for this area.

2009-4-18 Lake Demonstration Plan- Plan 4 option for the lake.

09/30/2008 Quarterly Report

Triclopyr Frequently Asked Questions (Washington State Department of Health)

Pre and Post Treatment Plant Survey Page- a compilation of documents that have been found on the internet or provided by applicators or lake managers related to the application of the herbicide Renovate.

Herbicide Information Page- general and specific information about two of the herbicides (Renovate and Sonar) that are NYS registered for the control of milfoil. MSDS, Product Labels, Environmental Impact Statements, FAQ's, etc.