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1907-1935 Minutes

This page lists the scanned pages of the 1907-1935 minutes book currently in the possession of the Ticonderoga Historical Society. This book contains the original hand written minutes of the ELPOI when it was founded. The file under "1907-1935 Compiled Minutes" is a 13(mb) (All Pages Included) document. The pages below are year by year break outs of the compiled book.

A book of the financial data from this time forward can be found here.

1907-1935 compiled minutes

1907-1935 Minute Record complete book.pdf 13.51Mb

01 Cover

1907-1935 Minute Record.pdf 707.87Kb

01A Constitution, bylaws, amendments & resolutions 9-13-1907

Constitution, Bylaws, amendments & resolutions 9-13-1907.pdf 1680.08Kb

02 Member list

Member list 1907.pdf 329.69Kb

03 Pre organization letter 9-9-1907

pre organizational letter 9-9-1907.pdf 196.98Kb

04 Organizational meeting minutes 9-13-1907

Organizational meeting minutes 9-13-1907.pdf 555.57Kb

05 First Meeting minutes 8-21-1908

Minutes of First Annual Meeting 8-21-1908.pdf 315.34Kb

06 Second Meeting minutes 8-19-1909

Minutes of Second Annual Meeting 8-19-1909.pdf 232.43Kb

07 Third Meeting minutes 8-27-1910

Minutes of Third Annual Meeting 8-27-1910.pdf 387.16Kb

08 Fourth Meeting minutes 8-20-1911

Minutes of Fourth meeting 8-20-1912.pdf 195.25Kb

09 Fifth Meeting minutes 8-17-1912

Minutes of Fifth meeting 8-17-1912.pdf 375.43Kb

09a Special Meeting minutes 7-26-1913

Minutes of Special meeting 7-26-1913.pdf 203.89Kb

10 Sixth Meeting minutes 8-30-1913

Minutes of Sixth meeting 8-30-1913.pdf 399.85Kb

10a Memoranda E. L. Dam & Post Office

Memoranda Dam & Post Office.pdf 468.24Kb

11 Special Meeting minutes 8-22-1914

Minutes of Special meeting 8-22-1914.pdf 169.86Kb

12 Seventh Meeting minutes 8-29-1914

Minutes of Seventh meeting 8-29-1914.pdf 408.89Kb

13 Eighth Meeting minutes 8-30-1915

Minutes of Eighth meeting 8-30-1915.pdf 385.78Kb

14 Ninth Meeting minutes 8-30-1916

Minutes of Ninth meeting 8-30-1916.pdf 378.73Kb

15 Tenth Meeting minutes 8-2-1917

Minutes of Tenth meeting 8-2-1917.pdf 307.07Kb

16 Eleventh Meeting minutes 8-1-1918

Minutes of Eleventh meeting 8-1-1918.pdf 343.84Kb

17 Twelfth Meeting minutes 8-1-1919

Minutes of Twelfth meeting 8-1-1919.pdf 216.05Kb

18 Thirteenth Meeting minutes 8-20-1920

Minutes of Thirteenth meeting 8-20-1920.pdf 176.97Kb

19 Fourteenth Meeting minutes 8-5-1921

Minutes of Fourteenth meeting 8-5-1921.pdf 203.34Kb

20 Fifteenth Meeting minutes 8-5-1922

Minutes of Fifteenth meeting 8-5-1922.pdf 195.79Kb

21 Sixteenth Meeting minutes 8-4-1923

Minutes of Sixteenth meeting 8-4-1923.pdf 400.50Kb

22 Seventeenth Meeting minutes 8-20-1924

minutes of Seventeenth meeting 8-2-1924.pdf 207.45Kb

23 Eighteenth Meeting minutes 8-1-1925

Minutes of Eighteenth meeting 8-1-1925.pdf 370.84Kb

24 Nineteenth Meeting minutes 8-7-1926

Minutes of Nineteenth meeting 8-7-1926.pdf 331.61Kb

25 Twentieth Meeting minutes 8-6-1927

Minutes of Twentieth meeting 8-6-1927.pdf 220.51Kb

26 Twenty first Meeting minutes 8-4-1928

Minutes of Twenty first meeting 8-4-1928.pdf 280.91Kb

27 Twenty second Meeting minutes 8-10-1929

Minutes of Twenty second meeting 8-10-1929.pdf 320.71Kb

28 Twenty third Meeting minutes 8-2-1930

Minutes of Twenty third meeting 8-2-1930.pdf 304.87Kb

29 Twenty fourth Meeting minutes 8-2-1931

Minutes of Twenty fourth meeting 8-2-1931.pdf 341.21Kb

30 Twenty fifth Meeting minutes8-6-1932

Minutes of Twenty fifth meeting 8-6-1932.pdf 632.05Kb

31 Twenty sixth Meeting minutes 8-5-1933

Minute of Twenty sixth meeting 8-5-1933.pdf 422.46Kb

32 Twenty seventh Meeting minutes 8-4-1934

Minutes of Twenty seventh meeting 8-4-1934.pdf 422.68Kb

33 Twenty eighth Meeting minutes 8-10-1935

Minutes of Twenty eighth meeting 8-10-1935.pdf 626.88Kb

34 Special Meeting minutes 8-17-1935

Minutes of Special meeting 8-17-1935.pdf 414.45Kb