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Turbidity Curtains Page
This is some preliminary information on commercially made and available curtain material for use in a curtain contained lake within a lake herbicide treatment between Fox Island and Rt. 74. We need approximately 800 linear feet of curtain to complete this. The height of the curtain to extend from the surface to the lake bottom ranges from 5-30 feet.

Additional information relating to the need for curtains in Eagle Lake is available here:

Granite Environmental Inc.- 2012 Quote for 400' containment curtain; depth 0'-20'.

2008 Allied Biologicals'- (5mb) DRAFT Herbicide Containment (Curtain/Leakage Testing) Study Protocol

Indian Valley Industries Inc.-

Curtains and Herbicides- This site talks about the manufacturers' curtains being used in herbicide containment

Turbidity Curtains from Elastec- Notes by ELPOI from manufacturer regarding panel pricing, anchoring needs, and accessory pricing.

Anchor Systems- Methods for anchoring floating booms to the bottom

Setting the Anchors- Diagram of how to set the anchors on the bottom

Curtain Installation- Guide lines for curtain installation

Light Duty Curtain- Product information on Light Duty Turbidity Curtains

Medium Duty Curtain- Product information on Medium Duty Turbidity Curtains

Navigation Warning Lights- Product information on navigational hazard markers for long term curtain installation

Curtain Installation- Parker Systems installation guide for turbidity curtains

Curtain Installation- Installation guide lines for various installation situations

Tow Bridle- Tow bridle with float product information

Tow Bridle- Tow bridle without float product information

Silt Curtain- from Turbidity Curtains

Curtains for Dredging- from Turbidity Curtains

Silt Barrier- Type 2 Heavy Duty Silt Barrier

Silt Barrier- Type 2 Heavy Duty Silt Barrier drawing

Information available from:

Erosion and Pollution
Parker Systems Inc.
Elastec / American Marine

Indian Valley Industries Inc.