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Causeway Replacement Page
Photos and files accumulated over the term of the project. Beginning fall of 2022.
2023-05-03 Rolf Tiedemann Communication and Images
Regarding the height of the old causeway as compared to the height of the new causeway
Sylvamo Notice of Route 74 Closure and Detours Replacement Causeway Lake Water Level Gauge Prior to Install 2023-05-10 Replacement Causeway Lake Water Level Gauge After Install
replacement causeway water gauge

2023-04-15 Eagle Lake Bridge and Boat Launch- Updates about the ongoing causeway project and boat launch.

2022 plans for New York State route 74 Ticonderoga New York Culvert replacement project- engineering drawings including plans and notes for construction, traffic control and planned detours.

2022 Photos
2022 Photos By Cole Hickland
We were up at the lake today to take out the dock and a boat. The water level was at minus 2 inches so the work removing the beaver mud is working great. They were also working on the bridge/culvert when we drove over it. The road was down to one lane while they worked but was back to two when we left. I also snapped a picture from both sides of the road when I went through with the boat in case anyone was interested.