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Invasive Species Task Force
ELPOI member Rolf Tiedemann was asked in 2004/5 to participate in the NYS Governors Task Force on developing a plan to address aquatic invasive species threats. Eagle Lakes' contribution is mentioned on page 79 of the final report. The Coalition of Lakes Against Milfoil (COLAM) co-founded by ELPOI member Wendy Davis and the Lake George Association (LGA) is also mentioned on pages 72 and 79. LGA Communications Director Jim Hood was the COLAM representative COLAM and the ELPOI have both worked very hard on the issues associated with the control of Milfoil within the Adirondack Park. It is interesting to note that Eagle Lake and Lake George are the only lakes in NYS to get direct mention, by name,  in the 146 page document.
NYS ISTF 2006 Final Report- Invasive Species recommendations for NYS 2006 (901 KB)
Executive Summary- Final report summary
Invasive Species Council Formation- Press release following the recommendations of the Invasive Species Task Force
Page 79- reference to Eagle Lake in ISTF
Page 114 - 117- reference to ELPOI member on ISTF
Page 72- reference to Coalition of Lakes against Milfoil (COLAM) in ISTF