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In Memory of Page
A listing of past members and lake residents that have passed on, including (when available) obituaries, donation links, and other details.
Your loved ones are important to us. Please be patient while we finish building this page. If you would like to send us information to assit us, please email officer@eaglelake1.org


John Norton Park
1931 - 2024

First Name: John
Middle Name: Norton
Last Name: Park
Born: 1931-01-20
Deceased: 2024-02-27
Age: 93
Obituary: Link

David Wayne Schatz
1953 - 2024

First Name: David
Middle Name: Wayne
Last Name: Schatz
Born: 1953-04-16
Deceased: 2024-01-06
Age: 71
Source: Eagle Lake - Newsletter
Obituary: Link
Additional Notes: David purchased the former Forrest Lisle property in the Fall of 2023. Talking with his son he had a short time of wonderful enjoyment here, but in some ways it may have been a way of “coming home”. David had long time roots in Ticonderoga as is captured in this line from his obituary Tribute Wall. “ I want to express my great appreciation for the work that David accomplished regarding my grandparents’ farm in Ticonderoga, NY. He did so many renovations of the farm that both my sister and I enjoyed during our youth David made the place available to us. ”

Kenneth (Ken) Smith
1932 - 2024

First Name: Kenneth
Last Name: Smith
Nickname: Ken
Born: 1932-06-14
Deceased: 2024-01-05
Age: 92
Source: Eagle Lake - Newsletter
Obituary: Link
Additional Notes: Keith Park lost his uncle, Kenneth Smith, (prior owner of R. Fraize’s place) on January 5th. Ken and his parents Mason and Etta Smith were residents of Ticonderoga. His dad's hobby was taking pictures in and around Ticonderoga and his name can be seen on many of the old photographs. Ken had a fond love for Eagle Lake and spent many summers as a youth with his parents, sister and the rest of his extended family at EL. Ken ultimately purchased his “yellow” cabin “Brigadoon” and spent many summers working on it and enjoying family time. When Ken sold his place it was slated for demolition as a new house was planned for the site. Ken was shocked, amazed , and very pleased when he heard through Keith that his place was dismantled and moved to the other side of the lake to be used as a shop for Rolf T, and many of the items in and around the camp were sprinkled around the lake for further life.


Mara Melkonian Dix
1958 - 2023

First Name: Mara
Middle Name: Melkonian
Last Name: Dix
Born: 1958-11-24
Deceased: 2023-12-30
Age: 65
Source: Facebook - Eagle Lake
Obituary: Link
Additional Notes: Long time Eagle Lake summer resident Mara Dix passed away unexpectedly in 2023-12-30 from a heart attack. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family. She will be missed here on the lake. (Tonya C.)


(Fred) Frederic Adams

First Name: Frederic
Last Name: Adams
Nickname: Fred
Born: 1939-09-13
Deceased: 2022-02-21
Source: Eagle Lake - Newsletter
Obituary: Link
Donations: Link

Martin Prosper Moran (Mickey)
1929 - 2022

First Name: Martin
Middle Name: Prosper
Last Name: Moran
Nickname: Mickey
Born: 1929
Deceased: 2022
Age: 93
Source: Eagle Lake - Newsletter
Obituary: Link


(Scott) Robert Scott Emerich
1955 - 2021

First Name: Robert
Middle Name: Scott
Last Name: Emerich
Nickname: Scott
Born: 1955
Deceased: 2021-09-29
Age: 66
Source: Eagle Lake - Newsletter
Obituary: Link
Donations: Link
Additional Notes: Brother of Dianne Tiedemann and Debbie Blanken.

Ester (Jenny) Minnie Moran
1932 - 2021

First Name: Ester
Middle Name: Minnie
Last Name: Moran
Nickname: Jenny
Born: 1932-05-16
Deceased: 2021-12-06
Age: 89
Source: Eagle Lake - Newsletter
Obituary: Link