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Eagle Lake
Is a small lake situated on the eastern edge of the Adirondack mountain range of northern New York State. The towns of Ticonderoga and Crown Point share ownership over the lake. Located in Southern Essex County at the junction between Lake Champlain and Lake George atop the Champlain Plateau; Eagle Lake waters feed into the Hudson River Basin through Paradox and Schroon Lake. Eagle Lake is centrally located to the High Peaks Region, the Central Adirondack Region, the Lake George Region, and western Vermont. Rich in history, this area has the rugged character of the Adirondack Mountains blended with the charm and personality of the Lake Champlain Valley.

This site is a information center for historical Eagle Lake Property Owner records, documents relating to managing Eagle Lakes Milfoil Project and educational information for the prevention of additional invasive's species introduction. It also contains recreational resources and a photo history of events . We hope you enjoy your visit.

The Eagle Lake Property Owners, Inc. (ELPOI) was established in 1907 and incorporated in 1993 as a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization that serves to protect the mutual interests of it's property owners and to maintain the environmental and recreational quality of Eagle Lake.

Our Mission is:
  • The restocking of Eagle Lake from state and local hatcheries
  • The regulation and control of a uniform lake level
  • The prevention of pollution of Eagle Lake's waters
  • The protection of spawning beds
  • The protection of the mutual interests and property of it's members
  • And for such other objects and purposes as may from time to time be determined upon by the members of the organization for protecting the mutual interests and property of the members.
Eagle Lake at a Glance
Latitude: 43.9° N Surface Area: 412 acres
Longitude: 73.6° W Watershed: 3315 acres
Average Depth: 20 ft Elevation: 944.65 ft
Maximum Depth: ~45 ft Pond Number: 438
Shoreline Length: ~7.8 miles Water Detention Time: ~1.4 years
Length: 3 miles Width: 1/2 mile
Volume: ~7,980 acre feet    
Interesting Facts
  • Eagle Lake is bisected by NYS Route 74
  • Eagle Lake is spillway controlled
  • There is a public boat launch on the west end of the lake, and a boat access only, public beach on the east end of the lake. Both of these facilities are maintained by the NYS DEC.
  • Eagle Lake is part of the Hudson River drainage basin, however if lake levels were raised another ~3 feet in elevation, it would become a part of the Champlain drainage basin.