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2020 Dam Board Install Page
With lake level at approximately minus 4, thanks Jack and Deb.

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Good morning Lakers and Happy Easter. Thanks to Steve for his report on the lake level and thanks to Dave and Keith for the offer of assistance. Do to social distance requirements we decided against excepting their offer. As Debbie and I drove down Route 74 I noticed that the Schroon River and Paradox outlet were very high , leading me to wonder how low could Eagle lake be? As the included photos show the lake was very low. We installed 3 boards and cleaned out debris from the stream. Sometime this season we will have to go back and finish the clean up. The weather at the lake was sunny but very windy and cold. There were many white caps on the lake. Snow was visible in the shady parts of the woods. Feel free to pass along this information to our many Eagle lake friends. To everyone stay safe !!!

-Best regards Jack & Debbie-


After installing the dam boards for the season beaver activity started
I image by Steve M.
Beaver Activity