Help prevent the spread of invasives into and out of Eagle Lake,
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Eagle Lake Property Owners, Inc.
Celebrating 110 years of responsible lake stewardship in 2017.
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Eagle Lake
Here you will find the most recent documents from the Eagle Lake Property Owners that the organization feels may interest you.

Board of Directors for
Officers for
  • Zack Dorfman (7/21)
  • Steven Meir (7/20)
  • Dave Cerney (7/19)
  • President- Chris Hyde
  • Vice President- Jack Mulcahy
  • Secretary- Keith Park
  • Treasurer- Rolf Tiedemann

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The Current Newsletter Current Membership Renewal Property Map
current newsletter membership renewal Property Map
Economic Impact Survery- of Eurasian Watermilfoil Removal from Houghton Lake
Renovate Permit Survey REPLY- Towns of Ticonderoga and Crown Point 2011 survey responses to Eagle Lake residents questions regarding the future of milfoil project.

Renovate Permit Survey- Towns of Ticonderoga and Crown Point 2011 survey to assess Eagle Lake residents interest on future for milfoil project.

Final Report NYS DEC Invasives Species Eradication Grant- State assistance contract #C303601 Eagle Lake eurasian water milfoil project; Town of Crown Point, 1/11/2011 AWI 2015 Comprehensive Report on Boat Washing/Decontamination Milfoil Project Pictures