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A Word From Our Sponsors
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Have questions, concerns, comments, web site additions/corrections, or other updates that can't wait until the annual meeting; or perhaps you are looking for more information or a progress update? Send them to us and we will get back to you as soon possible!
Board of Directors for
Officers for
  • Zack Dorfman (7/21)
  • Steven Meir (7/20)
  • Dave Cerny (7/19)
  • President- Chris Hyde
  • Vice President- Jack Mulcahy
  • Secretary- Keith Park
  • Treasurer- Rolf Tiedemann

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C/O Chris Hyde
64 Blue Barns Road
Rexford, NY 12148
Please Email us with a request for a phone number and we will graciously send one to you.

For Contact With Our Organization
Email: Chris Hyde at cdhyde1@gmail.com
Email: Rolf Tiedemann at Camptouchstone@yahoo.com

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