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2013 Miscellaneous Photo Page
This is a collection of miscellaneous images taken throughout 2013.

  • ELPOI Web Cameras Page- A live video feed and still images time lapsed from Eagle Lake's cameras. The current views is looking south west at the causeway and south east at Charles Island.
  • Photo Albums Page- Links to pages of photographs from Eagle Lake. 1999 to the present, with limited historical photographs from the early 1900's.
  • Videos from Eagle Lake Page- Videos documenting milfoil and the removal process along with other videos relating to Eagle Lake.
Pictures by the Popinchalks
Form Their Lake Vantage Point Summer/Fall 2013


Eagle Lake from "Ti Bay"
By Lisa Nolte
ice out

Ice Out "Video" 4-18-2013
Captured By The ELPOI Webcam
ice out