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2018 Boat Launch Changes
Changes to the Eagle Lake boat launch as proposed in the 2018 Hammond Pond Unit Management Plan.

Eagle Lake Boat Launch Changes Email

Letter to membership describing the proposed changes to the DEC Eagle Lake boat launch and boat access only beach

Residents concerned about boat ramp- Eagle Lake launch to be modified under Hammond Pond plan. Sun Times 1-10-2019.

DEC flow chart as it relates to process for creating a Unit Management Plan UMP- note significant amount of agency staff collaboration and how little open public input there is- the only public input is through a reactionary statement at the time of public hearings.

DEC modifies trailered boat launch on Garnet Lake- Sun Times 9-7-2018.
*Note-this maybe what DEC is planning on building at EL to limit access- not real formidable but really limits you to having to/ being able to drag your boat to the water- reading the article it does not look like this lake association had many concerns for the limiting of access- good possibility of significantly different needs or uses for the waters. not the case with EL also see date of article
*Note #2 reason cited in the article for installing- "reducing the trailer-ed access will significantly decrease the threat of spread (invasives) to this small lake) it's not the trailers that spread the invasives its ALL water crafts large or small powered or paddled and any other water use items, fishing gear, waders, kids toys etc. etc. so how is the DEC dealing with these?

Listing of NYS boat launches- with what appears to be "older" language for description of what an "unimproved" launch will be, this is what has been assumed for the EL boat launch in the past. from the NYS guide Unimproved trailer launch- informal trailered boat launching/retrieving designed for small, light boats. Site may be too shallow for boat to be floated off trailer

Listing of Essex County boat launches- with what looks like "new" language for description of what an "unimproved" launch will be. This description matches that language used in the proposed 2018 HPWF management plan. From the Essex county guide "Unimproved trailer launch- No float-off or float-on trailered boat capability. Sites will accommodate the approach to the water's edge of small and light trailered boats. Boat may then be pushed on or off trailer. Usually shallow area"

2018 Hammond Pond draft plan With Tiedemann mark-up

2018 Hammond Pond Presentation with Tiedemann mark-up

2018 DEC notice to public "Seeking Public Input to Improve ......"

Email to ELPOI officers 2018-12-27 giving notification about boat access changes by Tiedemann

The DEC management plan site

2018 HAMMOND POND WILD FOREST and Port Henry Boat Launch Draft Unit Management Plan

2018 HAMMOND POND WILD FOREST and Port Henry Boat Launch Draft Unit Management Plan- Presentation

2016 Adirondack Park State Land Master Plan- see pages 22-23 and 44 for reasons why Eagle lake beach and boat launch are out of compliance

1988 Hammond Pond Wild Forest Unit Management Plan- has interesting reference to 1986 re-construction of Eagle Lake outflow dam on page 40, makes brief mention of EL boat launch and need for it for accessing the beach/camp ground

> l> ml> chael Tiedemann
Comments, corrections and additions are greatly appreciated!


Last Updated: January 19, 2019