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Eagle Lake Property Owners, Inc.
Celebrating 110 years of responsible lake stewardship in 2017.
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Web Camera 1 LIVE Page
ELPOI web camera looking north towards the causeway. We appologize for the inconvinience, however Internet Explorer is currently unsupported at this time. Please use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to view a live feed instead. Still images and a time lapse of the past 24 hours is also available. A special thanks is extended to those lake residents who are making the viewing of this camera possible. These images are being captured by an Axis M1113e camera donated to the ELPOI by a lake resident.
  • Photo Albums Page- Links to pages of photographs from Eagle Lake. 1999 to the present, with limited historical photographs from the early 1900's.
  • Videos from Eagle Lake Page- Videos documenting milfoil and the removal process along with other videos relating to Eagle Lake.
ELPOI Web Camera 1 LIVE
Camera Location