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Spillway Dam History Page
The Eagle Lake dam was originally built per Steve Phelps in 1865 -then torn out by new owners after property went to probate due to previous owners passing, (details in EL historical records approximately late 1920 to mid 1930's) (when Lauren and you get them posted we can verify), status of dam and residents issues with respect to dam being out and low water resulted in a multi year court battle that ended with NYS taking ownership of the property and in some undocumented fashion reconstructing a dam. This dam was removed and rebuilt by the NYS DEC in the late 1970's approximately 1978, with input from members of the ELPOI. Issues with the dam prior was leaking and not being able to regulate the water level. The Dam has been "inspected and maintained" by the DEC on a schedule that is know to them. The ELPOI has had various agreements with the DEC over this time to maintain the water level by installing and removing spillway boards, while doing this the volunteers of the ELPOI have made casual inspections for the dam and immediate surroundings and have reported any need for maintenance to the DEC for their actions.

Permits Page- Housing beaver removal permits among others.

2022-03-09 VSA Report- compiled by Chris Hyde covering activities conducted at the spillway during the past year.

2022-03-09 ELPOI VSA time log- Log of volunteer hours for maintenance of the spillway dam.

2022-03-09 Lake Level- Log of volunteer collected lake levels as part of the VSA.

2021-12-17 147 New York dams are 'unsound' and potentially dangerous- Thousands of dams have not been inspected in more than 20 years. Times Union. (This map shows that the Eagle Lake dam was built in 1865).

2009-10 Study for Out Flow Rates at the Spillway Dam



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