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Organizational Communications Page
A collection of our organizational communications currently available in electronic form. These include documents sent out by the ELPOI, received by the ELPOI, and sent between various members of the organization. More will be added as they become available.

Additional Archival Information

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2021-19-12 Winter Newsletter Email- Winter email notification to residents about winter newsletter and ice update.

December 2021 Newsletter- Weather update, water level and beavers, Ice eaters and winter safety, treasurers report and membership, Gooseneck Pond water and the water district, water test results, causeway project, summer drone photos.

2021-07-13 Eagle Lake Gooseneck Water System Replacement- Sun Community News Article shared with the membership.

2020-11-25 Thank You Letter to Ticonderoga Police- for summer 2019 radar sign deployment and speed enforcement.

2020-11-25 Thank You Letter to New York State Police Headquarters- for summer 2019 radar sign deployment and speed enforcement.

2020-11-25 Thank You Letter to New York State Police Barracks- for summer 2019 radar sign deployment and speed enforcement.

2020-09-03 Membership Email- to support Chilson Community Volunteer Fire Department by honoring Jim Davis on his birthday.

2020-08-24 Email letter to Residents- Sun Community News article re Chilson/ Eagle Lake water meeting follow-up with a few resident comments. Link to article here.

2020-07-18 email letter to lake residents- about the proposed Aug. 17, 2020 Town of Ticonderoga water meeting

2020-05-29 Email communication to membership- re: advanced copy of 2020 Spring newsletter, annual meeting cancelled, membership renewal, officer vote.

2020-05-29 follow-up letter to Ticonderoga Supervisor Joe Giordano- regarding Tick and Lyme disease signs for the boat launch and beach, DEC request to knock down weeds at the beach, dry hydrant installation at the causeway during reconstruction, radar speed signs at causeway during and post construction, water line update (see 2019-10-24 "Letter to Ti Supervisor" for original request).

2020-04-26 emails between ELPOI officers- regarding the beaver activity at the spillway dam with Zack D. images.

2020-4-19 Email Communication with Membership- re: dam boards are installed, status of boat launch being open; Adirondack lake steward program for 2020 by Paul Smith's College, with original documents included .

2020-04-8 Email to Membership- ice out, moon set, last snow.

2020-03-25 Essex County- press release regarding Coronavirus.

2020-03-06 Letter to Ticonderoga Town Supervisor, Joseph M. Giordano- as follow up from ELPOI Secretary, Keith Park regarding radar speed sign placement and, dry hydrant construction as part of the NYS route 74 causeway reconstruction project.

2020-01-03 Letter to ELPOI Membership- indicating that Eagle Lake had been hit by an ice storm, see image on the photo albums page.


2019-12-18 Letter and Images to ELPOI Membership- indicating that Eagle Lake had Ice On, see images on the photo albums page.

2019-12-05 Thank You Letter to Ticonderoga Police- for summer 2019 radar sign deployment and speed enforcement.

2019-12-05 Thank You Letter to New York State Police Headquarters- for summer 2019 radar sign deployment and speed enforcement.

2019-12-05 Thank You Letter to New York State Police Barracks- for summer 2019 radar sign deployment and speed enforcement.

2019-12-05 Thank You Letter to Ticonderoga Supervisor- for summer 2019 radar sign deployment and speed enforcement.

2019-10-26 Email from International Paper- acknowledging that the ELPOI grant application was funded.

2019-10-17 ELPOI's Advanced Notice Email Letter to Lake Residents- about October 29th NYS Rt 74 water meeting.

2019-10-24 Letter to Ti Supervisor- to ask for support with a dry hydrant and addition of tick borne disease signs to boat launch and beach.

2019-9-29 resident F. Barwig letter to DEC and APA- regarding design and application of "roller barrier" and application to Eagle lake from personal observation at Garnet Lake.

2019-6-6 Email to residents- with advanced copy of Eagle Lake 2019 Spring newsletter.

2019-5-25 Letter to board- about boat launch changes and newspaper articles in the Sun Community Times. Linked articles located here, here and here.

5-12-2019 Internet bandwidth request- for 2019-2020 year B. Zito.

5-12-2019 Web sponsorship request- for 2019-2020 year Hyde Boat and RV.

5-12-2019 Web sponsorship request- for 2019-2020 year Shultz Day Lilly and rental.

5-12-2019 Web sponsorship request- for 2019-2020 year Casa Visco.

5-12-2019 Web hosting request- for 2019-2020 year C. Alden.

2018 Boat Launch Changes Page- Changes to the Eagle Lake boat launch as proposed in the 2018 Hammond Pond Unit Management Plan. As second part of the proposed changes to the 2019 Hammond Pond UMP and its association with the Eagle Boat launch additional stipulations and possible restrictions have been included. These stipulations relate to BOAT MOTOR SIZE, CARRYING CAPACITY, and a SITE SPECIFIC UMP.

5-6-2018 Web sponsorship request- for 2018-19 year Hyde Boat and RV.

5-6-2018 Web sponsorship request- for 2018-19 year Shultz Day Lilly and rental.

5-6-2018 Web sponsorship request- for 2018-19 year Casa Visco.

5-6-2018 Web hosting request- for 2018-19 year C. Alden.

5-6-2018 Compiled emails from May 1 to May 6, 2018- related to finding that emergency repairs made to causeway bridge supports could cause reduced boat access from one basin of lake to the other.

5-5-2018 Letter to Ti Supervisor- request for Ti police enforcement of posted speed on NYS rt74 along with radar speed sign deployment request.

5-5-2018 Letter to Troop B New York State Police, Schroon Lake substation- request for NYSP to patrol NYS rt74 at EL to enforce posted speed limit.

10-23-2017 ELPOI response letter to DEC- request for comment on change of rules for use for benthic mats for weed control.

6-15-2017 Web sponsorship request- for 2017-18 year Hyde Boat and RV.

6-15-2017 Web sponsorship request- for 2017-18 year Shultz Day Lilly and rental.

6-15-2017 Web sponsorship request- for 2017-18 year Casa Visco.

6-15-2017 Web hosting request- for 2017-18 year C. Alden.

3-16-2016 Letter to Ti Supervisor- requesting support for police enforcement of posted speed limit on NYS rt 74 along Eagle Lake.

2015-16 Request For Sponsor Page Support- Letter to current ELPOI sponsors asking for their continued sponsorship support along with May 2015 web page viewing stats.

8-1-2014 Notes on Coliform Testing- From Rin Fraize

5-15-2014 Banking Resolution- Transfer of signatures and board resolution with bank. (This file contains personal information, please contact us for access.)

4-27-2014 Adopt-A-Highway- Update on progress from Tonya Condon.

Store plans to open in former Lowe's in Ticonderoga- Article shared by Chris Hyde with lake residents. Denton Publishing 3-20-2014

2-27-2014 Jeff Becker Stepping Down as Treasurer- Rolf Tiedemann (board member) is filling the position temporairily.

2013 APA Renovate Public Comments- Supporting Notes Page-Here you will find the Eagle Lake Milfoil Teams comments and supporting documents as they relate to the Adirondack Park Agencies (APA) RASS-1 Call for public comment on the Guidelines for the appropriate Use of the Aquatic Herbicides Renovate and Renovate OTF to Manage Eurasian Water-Milfoil, and Aquatic Invasive Plant.

5-13-2013 Mulcahy Email- small forest fire on Eagle Lake from a downed power line.

3-25-2013 NYS DOT Response Letter- to 2012 Truck Rollover signage request from the Ti Supervisor.

9-9-2012 Letter to the Town of Ticonderoga- Traffic Hazard and Accident Prevention in Eagle Lake. ELPOI, Town, IP suggested response in regards to additional signage to mark a dangerous curve behind Fox Island.

6-2012- APA suggested herbicide monitoring guidelines.

5-31-2012- REPLY from letter to Governor Cuomo Re: Eurasian Watermilfoil in Eagle Lake (Essex County).

5-2012- Open burning ban information from the DEC.

4-12-2012- Sarah Miller (SePro) reply to questions regarding Renovate.

4-11-2012- Letter to Governor Cuomo Re: Eurasian Watermilfoil in Eagle Lake (Essex County).

9-8-2011- Debra Malaney lead agent meeting with DEC/APA planning.

Fall 2011 Eagle Lake Renovate EWM infestation- email discussion between town supervisors, Chris Hyde, and Rolf Tiedemann

6- 2011- Annual meeting announcement of the guest speaker John Bennett.

2011- Blank petition form for Renovate application without curtains.

Renovate Permit Survey REPLY- Towns of Ticonderoga and Crown Point 2011 survey responses to Eagle Lake residents questions regarding the future of milfoil project.

Renovate Permit Survey- Towns of Ticonderoga and Crown Point 2011 survey to assess Eagle Lake residents interest on future for milfoil project.

Renovate Permit Survey Comments- This file contains personal information, please contact us for access.

9-9-2010- Notes to Ticonderoga town board meeting for authorization to explore lead agent status.

10-3-2010- Eagle Lake questions response.

3-2010- Attorney draft resolution communication to town supervisors for consideration for towns becoming lead agent.

02-1-2010 Letter to the board, re introduction letter to new Crown Point and Ticonderoga Town Supervisors, attorney update, NEAPMS conference update, Lake Luzerne permit application, International Paper Grant Application

01-29-2010 Grant application request to Senator Little's office

01-15-2010 Letter of introduction to the new Town Supervisors (Ticonderoga and Crown Point), review of Eagle Lake's past milfoil control efforts.


9-29-2009- Letter to Dennis reply from Glenn re SEQRA direction

9-28-2009- Letter to Brian Houseal re. summer 2009 work and plans to move forward

9-03-2009- Reply to J. Paddack re: bugs article

7-19-2009- Safe Boater information and "Rules of the Road" information.

07-10-2009- Receipt of letter from the DEC regarding their opinion that curtains do not increase the efficacy of Renovate.

06-10-2009- Thank you letter to International Paper for $885 grant

05-12-2009- Receipt of letter from the APA regarding the need for containment curtains. Letter generated as a result of a prior phone call with Curt Stiles.

05-04-2009- Essex County Board of Supervisors resolution of Eagle Lake's milfoil project, Phase II Herbicide Use (Resolution no. 137)

04-30-2009- Letter R. Tiedemann to R. Fraize re: newsletter

04-20-2009- Essex County Board of Supervisors meeting hand outs

04-11-2009- Update on permits from Rolf Tiedemann to the board

03-16-2009- Water restriction and use plan letter to C. Hyde

03-04-2009- Surrounding Lake Plant Surveys Email to interested parties that the Pre/Post treatment renovate treated lakes page up and running

02-13-2009- Letter to board with E. Snezik comments on quarterly report

02-13-2009- Letter to E. Snezik quarterly report and conference follow up

01-22-2009- North East Aquatic Plant Management Conference follow up letter to ELPOI board

12-30-2008- DEC Invasive Species Grant Quarterly Report

09-30-2008- DEC Invasive Species Grant Quarterly Report

08-13-2008- Tom Hall ok's having Mats in Over Winter

08-13-2008- Letter to Tom Hall requesting the ok to Over Winter Mats

Summer 2008 DEC approves lumber tarp as a benthic barrier (Fred Dunlap)

7-29-2008- Tonya Condon's e-mail reporting a moose sighting in her back yard.

7-2008- Letter to Fred Dunlap with samples of lumber tarp for matting

01-19-2008- Tim Sinnot Reply to John Bennet Recommending Renovate use over SONAR use

08-20-2007- Brian Houseal Letter of Support for the Invasive Species Eradication Grant

06-03-2006- Letter to Board re: Adopt a Natural Resource Renewal and IP Mill Wire

6-03-2006 Invasive Species Awareness Week (ISAW) Response Letter- ELPOI disappointment and action plan for 2006 invasive Species grant denial

4-2006- Annual Meeting Notification

12-15-2005 "Key Players" Dec, APA, Environmental Groups Meeting Agenda- Senator Betty Little along with the ELPOI milfoil coordinator Roll Tiedemann called a meeting to bring together the "key players" (state officials, lake managers, applicator Glen Sullivan, Allied Biological, lake residents, town officials,Adirondack Park community group leaders) to discuss the use of the herbicide SONAR for inclusion in the milfoil removal plan for Eagle Lake.

12-30-2004- Update on COLAM activities

07-12-2003- Annual Meeting Notification

1-13-2002- Email communication with ELPOI membership regarding the recent decision about using sonar at Lake George including 3 related newspaper articles.

07-06-2002- Annual Meeting Notification

2001 ELPOI Communication with IRS- regarding determination letter issued in July of 1996 granted your organization exemption from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

7-20-2001- Ron Brattain follow up on Army Corps visit to Eagle Lake.

07-07-2001- Annual Meeting Notification and Picnic Notice

08-30-2001- ELPOI letter to APA for SONAR support

2-2001- Need for Invasive's Control Program, Ray Curran White Paper.

1-2001- Request for inclusion in with the Army Corps of Engineers Ecosystem Restoration Project

1-2001- Lincoln Pond Advisory Committee Notes and Minutes

11-25-2000- 1st ARC meeting establishes need for milfoil control

07-08-2000- Annual Meeting Notification

06-26-2000- Congressman Sweeney for Inclusion in the Water Front Revitalization Act

04-03-2000- Commissioner Cahill (DEC) No To SONAR Use

03-21-2000- Letter to Board about Lincoln Pond Moths

03-21-2000- Lincoln Pond article on moths from letter above

02-15-2000- Letter to Commissioner Cahill (DEC) re: LGA Pilot Project

Ecosystem Restoration Request- Request for inclusion in with the Army Corps of Engineers Ecosystem Restoration Project


11/23/1999- Commissioner Cahill (DEC) reply: Lack of Statewide Management

11-21-1999 Federation of Lakes and NYS DEC- Application for membership with CSLAP

11/18/1999- Board update on Kelly, McCaffry and Treadwell

09/29/1999- Burroughs to Treadwell (DOS) re funding source original letter with Treadwell reply

08/23/1999- Letter to Commissioner Cahill (DEC) re: Continued Support of SONAR Demonstration Project

07/27/1999- Commissioner Cahill (DEC) re: SONAR Demonstration Project

07/10/1999- Annual Meeting Notification

06/031999- Reply to Buechner re milfoil demonstration project

05/21/1999- Letter to International Paper re: Safe Driving Request

04/26/1999- Caroline Harris Letter Requesting Funding from Senator Stafford

05/08/1998: Insurance Issues

1998: Coalition of Lakes Against Milfoil (COLAM) president's message

07/12/1997: Annual Meeting Notification

07/13/1996- Annual Meeting Notification

05/15/1996- Dianne Tiedemann to Buechner re: dues change and bylaws

02/13/1996- Stevens to Allen North Shore Soil Survey Results

07/08/1995- Annual Meeting Notification

06/16/1995- Notice to executive committee to schedule the annual meeting for the executive committee

1994- Dues renewal letter cover only with property map. (Due to the presence of personal information these files require a password to access)

08/12/1994- SEPRO letter of help level for demonstration project

08/5/1994- lake resident letter of opposition to use Sonar as sent to ELPOI president Bill Allen.

07/30/1994- NYS DEC 3/91 Bureau of Pesticides Sonar Permit Application w/ instructions as requested by Bill Kral

07/27/1994- Special Meeting Notification

06/12/1994- Communication between attorney Kral, ELPOI Board, DEC, applicator Doug Pullman to related to legal retention of firm for purposes of obtaining documents for moving Sonar permitting forward. Attorney Kral passed away suddenly and the process stopped before a significant start had been made.

07/02/1993- Annual Meeting Notification

09/22/1993 Management Options/Plant Survey- D. Pullman Aquest Corp a professional opinion for control of milfoil using 2,4-D or Sonar.

Ticonderoga Law- Regulation of Private Waste Disposal

10/23/1992- Letter and petitions in support of Private Waste Disposal

08/1992- Anne Conklin to Ti fish and Game Club re screen at the dam

COLAM's Report on Eurasian Watermilfoil February 1992 First Discovery, what is it, why it's a threat, what's been done, current distribution, costs associated with removal, local economic impact, who pays the bill, recommendations, letter to governor asking for help, permit streamlining letter to APA, youth drowning article.

1991- Lake residents survey for use of lake water results (when available)

06/15/1991- Lake residents survey form for use of lake water.

04/30/1991- Annual Meeting Notification and guest invite.

03/11/1991- Bill Allen letter to Ti town supervisor, update on demonstration project.


09/11/1989- Stevens to Allen re telling RPI about the 1978 algae problem

March 1989 Action Alert- Wilderness traquility threatened by treetop bomber runs- Adirondack Council with replies.

07/17/1987- Stevens to Donelly re algae and septic testing

The Battle of Eagle Lake in the Year of '86- Poem related to Eagle Lake lake level issues.

4-26-1986 letter- Concerning the location of the pin to determine the lake level.

1986 letters- collection of letters relating to the lake level and the reconstruction of the spillway dam.

1986- G.F. Humphries Extract from 1935 report on removing water from Goose Neck Pond

1986- G.F. Humphries letter to M. Lodge re Lake level with respect to Goose Neck pond

1986- Collection of letters related to lake level and spillway reconstruction.

04/03/1981: Letter to Herbst re: Septic Testing Presentation

04/02/1981: Essex County Waste Water Study information

01/12/1981: George Conklin re: Rt. 74 Reconstruction on Eagle Lake

06/03/1980: David Warren call for executive meeting

05/29/1980: Letter to members re lake pollution suggests septic testing

05/08/1980: Alfred Runge to Stevens re acid rain and algae

05/06/1980: David Warren to Buechner re picnic and meeting

05/01/1980: David Warren letter to Stevens re need for a newsletter


11/29/1979: Warren to Oglesby re Blue Green Algae follow up

11/27/1979: Warren to Executive Committee re correspondence to Oglesby

11/26/1979 Blue Green algae follow up water testing

10/10/1979: Bob Stevens letter to executive commissioner DEC re septic inspections

October 1979: Blue Green algae first identification

11/10/1978: Stevens to Executive Committee re small round floating objects

10/20/1978: Forest Ranger reply to lake issues

09/19/1978: Steven to Morris re concerns for the forest ranger, beach floating objects and road

09/19/1978: Executive committee meeting to support Rt. 74 Association

09/01/1978: Notification letter on the formation of the Rt. 74 Association

09/05/1975: Peter Buechner letter to Ti board re trailer and land use

09/05/1975: Alfred Olsen letter to Ti board re trailer

04/21/1975: James Murdock bill for legal services re land use

08/08/1970: Annual Meeting Notification


01/16/1969: DEC permit application to add fill to Eagle Lake.

08/23/1966: Notification of Treasurer position to Mr. Martin.

08/16/1966: Letter to Mr. Martin (treasurer) from Edwin Kansas


1901: How Eagle Lake got it's Name